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    Soft Sand Could Cause Traffic Issues 4th Of July Weekend

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    Daytona Beach, FL – If you’re planning to drive on Volusia County beaches this 4th of July weekend, you might have less area to drive in than normal. That’s the word from Volusia County Beach Safety & Ocean Rescue after lifeguards have stopped vehicles from entering various drivable parts of beach recently due to soft sand. VCBS Captain Tammy Marris says the problem is county-wide and that it’s happening because areas that normally can handle vehicles aren’t as hard-packed as usual. “Typically, in the summertime, if we don’t get a lot of rain for a certain amount of time or we have no high tides, the sand will get pretty soft,” Marris said. A storm front that passed through the area on Monday helped firm the sand up somewhat, according to Marris. However, that’s not likely to be the case for the rest of the week because the National Weather Service has rain chances steadily decreasing in the Daytona Beach area until the Independence Day weekend. Tuesday’s forecast calls for a 50% chance of rain during the day and the rest of the week – including Friday – will be at 40%. The night-time forecast is worse, with rain chances holding steady at 20% from Monday until Friday. High tide recently also hasn’t been going as high as Beach Safety would like, forcing lifeguards to make the traffic lanes closer to the water’s edge and close them earlier for the same reason. With the sand not likely to firm up much more than it already is by the 4th of July weekend, Marris admits that it could cause traffic headaches for beach goers and lifeguards alike. “The more traffic we have on the beach, the worse it is,” Marris added. “That’s something we’re definitely taking into consideration.” Marris advises beach goers to pay attention to any soft sand warning signs they see and not drive in those areas or risk having your car getting stuck and needing a tow off the beach. Those with 4×4’s should have a little more freedom to roam. Some areas will likely be open only to those with 4-wheel drive vehicles, per Marris. “All we can do is monitor the traffic and the tides and hope for a little surf and some rain,” Marris stated. Copyright 2015 Southern Stone Communications. See source on


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