RNC Day 2: Donald Trump officially nominated

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With "New York, New York" playing in the background, Republicans officially made Donald Trump the party’s nominee tonight before the prime time speaker program.

A string of politicians, businessmen and family will advocate for Trump’s job-creating philosophies as part of the theme "Make America Work Again."

Trump is expected to accept that nomination Thursday.

Blaise Ingoglia, Florida’s chairman of the Republican Party, formally cast the state’s 99 delegates for Trump. "Florida is the paradise where you all vacation, but we all live."

Ingoglia also noted that without Florida, the path to the presidency is harder.

New York was the state that got to put him "over the top," which is a convention tradition, as the Empire State is Trump’s home state.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is a delegate to the convention for New York, and he got to personally make his father’s nomination official, which his siblings behind him.

"Even in the places that are not so conservative, we’ve had such incredible support, you won’t believe it," Trump said. "We’re going to put New York into play this time around."

"Congratulations, Dad, we love you," Trump added.

The official vote total is as follows:

  • Donald Trump: 1725
  • Ted Cruz: 475
  • John Kasich: 120
  • Marco Rubio: 114
  • Ben Carson: 7
  • Jeb Bush: 3
  • Rand Paul: 2

The candidate himself is in not in Cleveland right now, though daughter Tiffany Trump and son Donald Trump Jr. are expected to speak tonight. He says he will return Wednesday for a "Family Welcome Event" at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Also officially nominated tonight: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who is Trump’s running mate.

Among the speakers taking the podium Tuesday at the Republican National Convention: former presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Carson and Christie have advocated for Trump since dropping out of the race.

They join Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Trump Winery General Manager Kerry Woolard and several U.S. senators. In fact, there’s a line on the agenda for "We Stand United," and it will feature members of the U.S. Senate, on top of individual speaking spots.

Carson: We have a common opponent

Shows of unity continue to be an important part of the RNC.

Carson spoke to Florida Republicans on Tuesday, hoping to get them to stand behind Trump.

“You have to fight fire with fire, and I actually believe that’s the reason that Donald Trump is our nominee. We need somebody who can throw flames just the way they can throw them,” Carson told the crowd.

Alternate delegate Scott Peelen from Winter Park says the GOP must come together.

“We need it badly. Our party has been in a very tough spot with a very difficult primary season,” Peelen said.

Carson tried to do that by telling delegates they have a common opponent.

“I think Donald Trump is much more fiscally responsible from the things that he has already said,” Carson said. “Hillary Clinton is talking about more taxes and more spending when we’re already $ 19 trillion in debt.”

But not all of Carson’s statements are joining Republicans together, especially when he took issue with those who are transgender.

“For thousands of years, mankind has known what a man is and what a woman is, and now all of a sudden, we don’t know anymore,” Carson told the delegates. “Is that the height of absurdity?”

“As a young gay Republican, I feel we should be less judgmental of others,” Matthew Oberly said. “I am disappointed in the statement made by Dr. Ben Carson as young conservatives like myself have friends we deeply care about who are transgender.”

But Peelen hopes the big issues of the election will keep the party glued together to November.

“Friday morning, we’re going to be united,” Peelen said. “I can feel it, and I assure you, it’s going to happen."

Looking for a boost at the RNC

Delegates from across the country have come here to Cleveland to give Trump the chance to have a new job: president of the United States.

But some Republicans are also looking to advance their careers while at the RNC. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is likely running for governor in 2018.

“I’m honored to have the ability to serve the state that I love,” Putnam said, “where I’m raising my family, and we’ll have some decisions to make after this election.”

Putnam may be waiting until after November, but there are already signs he’s campaigning now.

At the breakfast speaker series Tuesday morning near Cleveland, merchandise with the slogan, "Adam Putnam: Florida Grown" was handed out to Florida delegates.

Delegates such as Orange County State Committeeman and former Mayor Rich Crotty say it’s a big topic of conversation. 

“I had dinner with Adam, and all we could really talk about is him running for governor,” Crotty said.

Crotty says the RNC is the perfect place to gain support from delegates and county organizers.

“This is like the mother load of networking for politicians,” Crotty said.

Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, is interested in Putnam’s job after his term in the Florida House ends this fall.

  “I have opportunities that may come forward with regard to statewide office with ag commissioner, which is something that I’m very interested in, having family that’s been in agriculture now in this state for eight generations,” Crisafulli said.

Check back for updates.

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