NEWS: Sweet Buns Bakery opens by USF in Tampa’s Uptown

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Sweet Buns Bakery is now open by USF in Tampa’s Uptown. The Asian bakery is originally from Gainesville and has the same ownership as Yummy House. It is yet another new business to come to the area in recent months.

The concept is similar to a popular chain called 85°C Bakery Café, a Taiwanese bakery chain that serves a variety of baked breads and pastries as well as drinks to customers. 85°C Bakery Café is currently experiencing rapid expansion across the United States.

Here’s a list of the cake offerings at Sweet Buns.

This concept is notably going to compete with a number of bubble tea shops already in the area which usually sell snacks and sweet beverages. There is a quite a few other Asian concepts currently in the works for the neighborhood.

According to the Sweet Buns website the stores “feature free wifi, made-to-order baked goods, cakes, and a relaxing environment to study or just hang and enjoy some sweets.”

Sweet Buns Gainesville photo from @eldublibrarian
Photo credit: Instagram user @xo_jt_xo

The bakery is located at 2788 East Fowler Avenue,Tampa, FL 33612.

Visit them online at

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November 5, 2019 |

RUMOR: Nine Spices Hot Pot expanding to Tampa’s Uptown near USF

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A new hot pot place has appeared on Fowler Avenue near USF and Tampa’s Uptown called HotPot BBQ.

There isn’t much online for it yet, but the license for the location points to Nine Spices Hot Pot in St. Petersburg as the owners of the location and this spot is in the old Hong Kong House spot in front of M.D. Oriental Market at 1120 East Fowler Avenue Tampa, Florida 33612.

The current selection for hot pot in Tampa is very limited so fingers crossed that this is real. The owners have not responded yet to requests for comment.

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October 27, 2019 |

Instagram user @realtampa gives a look at Tampa’s past

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Tampa has grown considerably in the last 20 years. An instagram account @realtampa has been documenting the history of Tampa in a number of meme-like posts that only people who have lived in Tampa in the past could understand.

Here are some quality posts on their feed:

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Let’s argue 😂😂

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Hands down one of my favorite places to snag a Cuban in Tampa.

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Views of @tampagov from a Different Time.

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Who is this Mutiny Player? Comment Below 🤔 ⚽ + 🥅

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RIP to the Tampa Mutiny. Tampa’s failed MLS team.

This Jerk Hut location doubled as a nightclub for USF students on weekdays. Eventually it closed down and relocated north near I-275.

Mr. Dunderbak’s started out in the University Square Mall and now they have own location and are brewing their own craft beer while also being one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest and the World Cup.

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2004:Yo @tomg813 Look at that line for Empire 👁👁

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Remember Gameworks

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RIP to this SEGA legend. Now replaced by GameTime.

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1999: Grand Opening Citrus Park

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Burdine’s was the store to be at before it was acquired by Macy’s and eventually shut down and absorbed.

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My View👀

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University Mall was one of the best malls in Tampa until Westshore and International Plaza were created and eventually lured department stores and retailers away from the University area.

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I ended up here after my CL BOTB award for Best Food Blogger in 2013. Spent many times here over the years. RIP.

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Remember “Fresh Mouth” in Center Ybor !?!

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Yo @damerion_sauce – Banana Joe’s 2003

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Channelside Plaza now known as Sparkman Wharf.

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Vintage Y’bor.

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October 14, 2019 |

Thank you for your service Bob Buckhorn, Tampa’s Foodie Mayor

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Today is Election Day in the City of Tampa for a new Mayor. Perfect day to reflect. I went to the Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta few weeks ago in Lykes Gaslight Park. The food trucks were all arranged around with the block as they are every month and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn was spending his last time as the current Mayor there.

Bob Buckhorn was a big supporter of food trucks in a time period where most municipalities were firmly against local food trucks and had passed some of the most restrictive laws in the nation.

Some reporters at Tampa Bay Times were still writing falsehoods in 2011 about roach coaches in the 1970s, but Buckhorn knew better and proved it with inspections at every rally to show our food trucks are some of the cleanest businesses in town.

Tampa led the way nationwide in cities that supported food trucks and was rewarded with tourism and local business growth. It has been proven that food trucks help people get their dreams off the ground, and several local businesses in town are testaments of that.

I helped in 2013 to throw the World’s Largest Food Truck Rally EVER at the Florida State Fairgrounds and Bob Buckhorn was a huge supporter of the entire process.

The City of Tampa supported the initiative and helped to the support that helped make the event a success that drew over 30,000 people to the venue and was arguably one of the most successful days in food truck history here in Tampa. I will never forget the support he provided to the event and to the movement in general and I doubt most food truck owners will ever forget that day as well.

He said at the time, “I want to be known as the foodie capital and the king of the food truck movement.”

I literally rode on top of a double-decker food truck (Tropiccool) from ENCORE Tampa! Downtown onto Interstate-4 into the highway and rode in a parade of over 75 food trucks to the Florida State Fairgrounds. Helicopters following behind. It was a moment I may never forget in my life. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn was there to kick off that magical moment with all the media of Tampa.

People can have their political disagreements with Bob Buckhorn, but one thing I think everyone can agree with is that Tampa has been lucky to have a mayor who legitimately cares about Tampa and has done everything in his power to make Tampa a better place to live.

From finishing up the Tampa Riverwalk, to being at every restaurant and business Grand Opening imaginable and supporting the Cuban Sandwich Festival to the opening at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, Bob Buckhorn has been there for this town in many ways. It is obvious that this man loves Tampa and I’m thankful for that. Thank you for your service to our growing City of Tampa.

Hopefully the next mayor will care about Tampa the same way, no matter who they are.

Jeff Houck says it well here:

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April 23, 2019 |

Prost Kitchen is Tampa’s best new restaurant

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After a few visits to Prost, I am happy to say that Prost Kitchen + Bar is Tampa’s best new restaurant.

The owners of Prost have shown a true dedication to quality food and drinks. Out of all the restaurants in Tampa, Prost is showing strong promise and dedication to providing a great experience for customers.

The story behind Prost is an interesting one that starts with a college bar called The Study. The owner there and his roommates decided that they would open a restaurant with some of the money he made on that venture. After heading to Germany for research, they found a great cook and made plans to open Prost Kitchen on Bearss Avenue.

It isn’t the most sophisticated neighborhood in town, being located smack dab between New Tampa and USF’s University Area. Don’t let that stop you though, there is plenty of parking in their parking lot and ample seats both inside and outside Prost.


Image Credit: @prosttampa

The menu is obviously inspired by Germany, but also features modern American cuisine and the burgers are a MUST. I had the Maple-Bourbon Burger on my first visit and was blown away by the quality and attention to detail that Prost uses. It features bourbon bacon jam, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and hash-brown served on a pretzel bun.

Instagram Photo

Let me start by saying the burger was cooked exactly as requested. The fried egg was cooked to perfection – no burnt edges. All the toppings enhanced the burger instead of distracting from it.

The meat quality in the burger was above your typical burger joint. Eggs on burgers are always messy, but this was a good messy and the incredible pretzel bun did not suffer at all from the ingredients moving around inside of it.

Oh and the tavern chips and beer cheese served with it? Completely delicious. The cost? Only $ 12. Oh so worth it.

It was during this visit that I met the bar manager who comes up with their cocktails and drink menu. He has put lots of thought and emphasis into their bar selection. It is far above your typical college bar list and they offer a cocktail flight every month that is centered around a certain country. During this visit they were doing Britain so there was a butter beer cocktail on the list made with vodka.

Their craft beer list is quite solid as well and they made sure to source some German beer. It isn’t quite the caliber of Mr. Dunderbak’s, but maybe there is an opportunity there for a collaboration?

One thing I’ll say is Prost still has lots of room to grow with the growing beer and bartender community we have in Tampa.

Instagram Photo

My next visit was for Taco Tuesday where Prost offers deals on tacos and 2-4-1 Margaritas. The tacos were far from traditional, but were still delicious, savory, and packed with ingredients.

Prost offers deals most days of the week obviously understanding their college student base. This is a good thing for everyone though – Tampa isn’t the highest paying city in the world and a good deal is always a great way to try something.

Instagram Photo

$ 8 bottomless mimosas on the weekends and a brunch menu also are not a bad thing. I still need to make a visit for that.

Instagram Photo

On my most recent visit I tried the Jager Schnitzel. You can’t really review a German business without trying their actual German food. The schnitzel was excellent. There was no dryness to it and the mushrooms and gravy topping were great.

The price was still fair compared to other German spots in town.

The attention to quality has been clear on ever one of my visits to Prost. I am happy to say that it is the best new restaurant in Tampa. If you haven’t been to visit yet, you should be making plans soon.

Instagram Photo

Restaurant name: Prost Kitchen + Bar

Neighborhood: USF, New Tampa

Address: 2802 E. Bearss Ave., Tampa, FL 33613

Phone Number: (813) 466-5249


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June 1, 2018 |

At long last, the completion of Tampa’s Riverwalk

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An event 40 years in the making will take place in downtown Tampa Saturday.

  • Last segment of Tampa Riverwalk completed, opening to the public
  • Completed Riverwalk stretches from Tampa Heights to Channelside
  • Officials, the 40-year project comes in at a little less than 3 miles and cost an estimated $ 33 million
  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • Previous stories on the Tampa Riverwalk

After plenty of snags along the way, the city of Tampa will open the final segment of the Riverwalk tomorrow. With its opening, patrons can walk from Water Works Park in the Tampa Heights area to Channelside Bay Plaza.

The final segment of the Riverwalk was scheduled to be completed by April but the fatory where the walkway materials were manufactured sustained a fire a few months ago, causing delays.

Crews are putting the final touches on the almost three-mile walkway, which was born from an idea by Mayor Bill Pow in 1975. In fact, wooden planks were installed along the waterfront a year later where the current Curtis Hixon Park sits.

But it took five more mayors and another 39 years to complete the project.

"There were a few setbacks here and there, some totally unseen, but I know the public is very excited to have this section open," said Shaun Drinkard, who is with Friends of the Riverwalk. "Now, (we) really have the entire Riverwalk completed and people can move from Tampa Heights to the Channel District and come into downtown on the waterfront."

Drinkard said the completed Riverwalk is an asset for the entire community and likely the spark of more development downtown.

"Public spaces are of great importance in big urban spaces in major cities," Drinkard said. "It’s the place the community gathers, so the waterfront, this is an asset that Tampa has not been utilizing for a number of years and we now have the capability for seven different parks and 2.3 miles of waterfront to be accessible to the community."

Among the events planed for Saturday: A free scavenger hunt as part of the celebration from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Bay News 9 – local-news

June 10, 2016 |

Tampa’s Hillsborough High celebrates 130 years

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The Hillsborough High School Alumni Association is hosting a 130th anniversary celebration for the school this weekend.

If you walk through the school today, you’ll see your average 21st century hallway: students on cellphones and listening to iPods.

But there’s also a deep sense of tradition.

"The tradition is obviously seen just walking through the halls,” senior Meghan Tindel said. “Just seeing the bricks reminds you how old this school is. It’s not like any other school in Hillsborough County."

The beautiful brick building looks almost the same it did decades ago, but what was it like to be a student there then?

"There was a feeling,” Alice Bustelo, who graduated in 1949, said. “We were always very proud we went to Hillsborough."

Alice’s husband, Angel Bustelo, graduated in 1949. The two met in the school’s office, where Alice helped out.

"I walked down the hall and saw this beautiful little lady and I sweet talked her into doing my paperwork,” Angel said.

The Bustelo’s said their favorite memories were of the annual Thanksgiving Day football game.

"Thanksgiving day, there was only one thing: beat Plant,” Angel joked.

"All the girls got corsages and you went to the game and there was a certain amount of pride,” Alice said.

And while the football team looks a bit different these days, there’s still that same sense of pride.

"I feel like the same sense of family and belonging is the same sense they had back then,” senior Lumiere Rostick said.

Current students also honor a lot of the same traditions, like not stepping on the painted “H” on the patio and carrying on the spirit of the Big Red.

"I think almost every kid you ask with understand what Big Red is, what the “H” is and appreciate what it stands for,” principal Gary Brady said.

The anniversary celebration will be Saturday from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the school.

Bay News 9 – local-news

April 8, 2016 |



| As Seen In Tampa Bay Metro Magazine |

Dan Shreeve

The Face of South Tampa’s Custom Clothier



Dan Shreeve, is the premier custom clothier in South Tampa with 28 years of experience and a showroom full of unique fabrics for one-of-a-kind apparel. Dan dresses the Bay area’s most influential men and women based on their worklife, taste, and individual style. No matter the profession, Dan believes one should ‘dress well … you can’t afford not to.’



 Bespoke & Co
3305 W Bay to Bay Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33629









Faces of Metro Tampa Bay ® 2016 | © Tampa Bay Metro Magazine & Blog | A Metro Life Media, Inc. Publication



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February 24, 2016 |

Tampa’s Downtown Ice Rink Opens

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Tampa’s Downtown on Ice presented by Tampa Bay Lightning Grand Opening

Tampa's Downtown on Ice presented by Tampa Bay Lightning Grand Opening

Mayor Buckhorn laces up his skates Friday, November 20 and officially opens Tampa’s only outdoor ice rink in time for the holiday season.



Tampa's Downtown on Ice 2015


Tampa’s Downtown on Ice will be open
NOVEMBER 20, 2015 through JANUARY 3, 2016





Admission is only $ 12 per person,
90 minutes of skating including skate rental.

Monday -Thursday: 4 p.m. – 9  p.m.
Friday: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: 12n  – 9 p.m.


Special Holiday Hours are the week of Thanksgiving and December 19- January 3
Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday noon- 10 p.m.
Closed Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Christmas  Day 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.





Note: The rink will periodically close for “private parties,” please check the official website for closure dates and times.




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December 25, 2015 |

Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016 – Ring in the New Year at Tampa’s Rooftop Eve

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RTE_Photo CreditMatthew Paulson

The top floor of Tampa’s Ft. Brooke Parking Garage will host one of the chicest and hottest places to ring in 2016. The new location, this year,will offer amazing views of the downtown Tampa skyline and fireworks. The theme this year is Midnight in the Garden and while there are lots of details and logistics with creating a pop-up venue, organizer Monica Varner has it covered. “I’m excited to be able to create a unique, one of a kind experience for guests to ring in the new year,” says Varner. The event promises to have stunning visual effects, glamorous décor, a grand champagne bar and much more. The Frequency Band will provide high energy dance music, along with the DJ Papi spinning the current hits.

“The Rooftop Eve was rated in the top 10 things to do in the state of Florida for NYE and with our partnership with The DeBartolo Family Foundation, you can count on not only the place to be, but with the celebrities you would want to ring in the New year with,” says Rooftop Eve, co-founder Stephen Hickey.

The Rooftop Eve is an all-inclusive experience with a top-shelf open bar & unlimited Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne with tickets starting at $ 175/person. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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December 20, 2015 |
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