Scumbag CNBC video advocates denying restaurant servers full tips to save money

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Tipping your servers is vital people. It should not be a game where you’re trying to save money. A new video from CNBC advocates saving money by doubling the tax percentage or tipping on a pre-tax amount to skirt below 20% in any way possible. Either way, it is a bad look to look to your tip amount as a way to save money.

Servers depend on their tips for survival and although it is an unfortunate part of our food system, it is truly awful to plan to save money at restaurants by looking to avoid tipping.

There are so many ways to save money, order what you can afford, share with someone else at the table, etc. Please don’t penalize servers because of your financial situation. It’s wrong. Many servers have to share their tips with other staff in the restaurant they work in and when you tip them less you are actually lowering their overall pay as well. This is bad.

Thank you.

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April 9, 2019 |

Scholarship Application Tips

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Tips for Winning a Scholarship

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(Family Features)Winning a scholarship can be as competitive as gaining entrance to the college of your choice. While academic performance, extracurricular activities and character all matter, your success often boils down to discovering scholarships that fit your credentials and properly promoting your accomplishments.

These tips will help you prepare scholarship applications that get you noticed – and could get you some extra cash to help pay for school.

  • Leverage relationships and seek nontraditional opportunities. There are a lot of scholarships out there, and the wider you cast your net the greater your chances are of winning. In addition to traditional avenues such as your basic online search and checking the bulletin board outside the financial aid office, reach out to your network. Ask family and friends about scholarships offered by the companies they work for and organizations they belong to. You may be surprised by all the organizations that offer assistance to deserving students. For example, Foresters, an international financial services provider, offers the Foresters Competitive Scholarship to its members and their immediate family members, which awards up to 250 tuition scholarships worth up to $ 8,000 each to students who demonstrate a commitment to community service and have a strong GPA. Learn more about Foresters scholarship opportunities at
  • Showcase your passion, talent and potential. A compelling essay gives scholarship judges insight into what makes you special and unique. If you and another candidate are tied in objective criteria, such as grades, a well-written narrative can set you apart. Not all essays are the same, though; exercise caution to ensure that you are answering the question posed and demonstrating your knowledge of the sponsor, not just copying and pasting from another application. The essay is your opportunity to let your personality shine through in ways your transcript can’t. Showcase your passions and motivations, and be sure to reference volunteer work, extracurricular activities and other evidence that demonstrates your leadership skills.
  • Prepare a checklist and gather materials ahead of time. Winning a scholarship often comes down to organization; you can’t win if you don’t complete the application by the deadline. Although each application will have its nuances, there are some standard details that nearly every scholarship requires. Gathering and assembling these materials ahead of time will make the tedious task of preparing each application easier, and it will help you avoid overlooking something important when a submission deadline is looming. Be sure to obtain extra copies of items such as transcripts that take time to process, and reach out early to request references and documents such as volunteer work affidavits.

With an organized approach, you could be on your way to winning scholarships that help ease your school debt and set you up for success.



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January 19, 2016 |

10 Tips for the Holiday Season

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Simple Ways to Save Time and Enjoy the Holidays

10 seasonal tips simple ways to save time
(BPT)   It may be the most wonderful time of year in the Bay area, but at times, it can also feel like the most stressful. This holiday season, take a fresh approach to your “to-do’s list” to save time and energy so you can be merry and bright. These 10 tips and tricks will help you relax, unwind and enjoy all the best parts of the holidays.


Wrap while shopping

It’s a given that shopping early avoids the last-minute frenzy, but you can save even more time and stress by getting gifts wrapped while out and about. Many stores in the Tampa Bay area offer gift wrap services, all you need to do is ask.


Streamline holiday cards

Sending cards is a holiday tradition, but it shouldn’t cause unneeded stress. No need to worry about a dated address book — an easy trick is to cut return address labels from each card you receive and place in an envelope. Now it’s easy to send cards to loved ones and update your address book without hassle.


Use baking hacks

Using premade foods is one of the simplest (yet yummy) ways to create holiday bakery delights. Check out for simple, amazing recipes like Entenmann’s Dreamy Chocolate Bars that feature crumbled Rich Frosted Donuts as the secret ingredient. While you’re baking, double the batch to have an extra on hand for a hostess gift.


Go tech free

Smartphones ringing, emails beeping, texts buzzing — technology is time consuming. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by designating tech-free times for your family each day. Use this time (1-2 hours) to relax and focus on each other, perhaps with a hot cup of cocoa — the emails and messages will still be there later.


Schedule a salon visit

With a long holiday to-do list, it’s hard to find time for you. That’s why treating yourself to a haircut or manicure can do wonders for your holiday spirit. Plus, you’ll look and feel fantastic when you attend all those festive get-togethers.


Opt for an open  house

Having a holiday gathering adds to the season’s merriment, but where will everyone fit and how will you feed them? Instead of a formal dinner, opt for an open house with hors d’oeuvres. You’ll have less work and more time to spend with love ones as they come and go.


Embrace holiday breakfasts

Start every day off right by enjoying a delicious breakfast with your family. No need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking; instead include iconic breakfast classics that you and the kids love. For example, scrumptious Entenmann’s Donuts are undeniable when paired with fresh fruit for a quick breakfast delight. Find more breakfast inspiration at







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