Dining Guide: Where to Eat Lunch in Ybor City

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YBOR CITY, FL – Ybor City Historic District has long been a popular spot for lunch during weekdays. The neighborhood is evolving with some new concepts opening in recent years, closures, and new developments in the works including GasWorx Tampa, which is planning to connect to Ybor City to Channelside and Water Street. Ybor is traditionally Cuban, Italian, and Spaniard and the influence remains over 100 years after the cigar city’s reign.

Here are some great options for lunch if you find yourself in Ybor City and hungry for a bite:

Carmine’s: Serving the neighborhood with delicious Cuban and Italian eats since 1948, Carmine’s continues to serve excellent food and refreshments daily. Lunch specials are a big draw and are usually under $ 15. The Carmine’s Baked Chicken with yellow rice and black beans is superb and honestly one of my favorite meals. Their Cuban bread is also great and awesome as a side or in a Cuban Sandwich. Menu items are a throwback to old Tampa including the Deviled Crab. Staff is friendly. 1802 E 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605.

Palm Ave. Sandwich Shop: This is a no frills hole-in-the-wall for sandwiches. Your old school Latino deli. The clientele has not changed in decades of operation and the prices remain fair. The food is simple, but delicious. I love their Cuban Sandwich and their steak sandwich. Overall, great for a quick bite and if you need a to-go order. 2002 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33602.

Flan Factory: The more modern take on a Cuban cafe and restaurant. Flan Factory feels like a little slice of Miami and they stay quite busy. Featuring dozens of flan flavors and a very delicious Tampa Cuban Sandwich, Flan Factory is a little pricier, but quite delicious. There is plenty of seating in their newly expanded dining room. 1718 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33602.

Flor Fina: I don’t expect much from a hotel restaurant, but Flor Fina at Hotel Haya in Ybor City impresses me on every visit. The menu has several handheld options and delicious entrees including a Vegetarian Paella, Leche de Tigre bowl, and Bilingual Burger. You’ll pay more because you are dining at a hotel, but it still is not as expensive as some other places in town. I appreciate the variety, creativity, and execution of the menu. The decor and ambiance is more appropriate for a business meeting, date, or catch-up session and there is a coffee shop nearby for working right after. Expect to spend about $ 25 per person with a refreshment. 1412 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605.

Ybor Seoul: Asian food is not very well represented well in Ybor City, but if you are spending your lunch time in Ybor and want to enjoy some, head over to Ybor Seoul. Most food items are drawn from Korean cuisine, it doesn’t always exactly taste like you would expect, but it is satisfying and filling. They also have bubble tea, but some more options in that space are coming soon to the area as well. I like the patio seating as well, it feels very European and I wish they could invest a little more on that, but this place is pretty fast-casual. 1531 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605.

Due Amici: Sometimes you just want a slice of pizza and Due Amici will make the world right. My favorite slices are Buffalo and Lasagna. Due Amici also has excellent cannoli’s and a variety of other Italian foods although most people go for a slice…or two…or three. 1724 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605.

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