DNC DAY 2: What to expect at Tuesday’s roll call

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A lot has happened at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and there has been so much focus on Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders that it has caused a lot of political drama.

From Wikileaks releasing emails about how DNC staffers undermined Sanders’ campaign and favored his rival, the now presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, to outgoing Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz being booed by Sanders’ supporters and their causing an upheaval at the convention, it has been political chaos.

But things are predicted to cool down in Philadelphia as Clinton is expected to be officially nominated as the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. However, the roll call process might not go as smoothly as the former Secretary of State would like.

“Each state delegation will get a chance to announce how its delegates are voting. Sanders delegates have pushed to have their votes fully tallied,” the Associated Press explained how the roll call will go on Tuesday night.

What is expected is that Sanders’ supporters will be ready to jeer and even walk out if there isn’t a unanimous nomination.

But as many have seen, the senator’s supporters do not want to go without a fight. Through many of the speeches yesterday, either from Schultz, Sanders himself or even celebrities, like former Sanders supporter actress Sarah Silverman — who now backs Clinton — Sanders’ supporters booed and jeered.

And many have held protest marches at various places in the City of Brotherly Love.

So it’s expected that they will react negatively with the roll call tonight.

Despite saying that he was supporting Clinton for the presidential nomination, Sanders has sent out text messages and emails asking his supporters to “not engage in any kind of protest on the floor” and warned that the movement’s credibility will be “damaged” by them booing or turning their backs or walking out of the convention.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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