Polk Co. residents rally for transparency over Mosaic sinkhole

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A massive sinkhole in Polk County has drawn major concern from many residents. On Saturday, concerned citizens held a demonstration outside Mulberry City Hall asking for transparency from Mosaic officials.

  • Demonstrators protested for transparency after Mosaic Company spill
  • 250 mil. gallons of ‘slightly radioactive’ water has seeped into the ground
  • Mosaic assures there’s nothing to worry about for residents

The Mosaic Company said 250 million gallons of “slightly radioactive” water has seeped into the ground. The company said it was able to stop it from getting into the public water supply, but residents are still worried.

"We need to get this cleaned up and proof that it’s getting cleaned up, not just word of mouth," resident Lee Cole said.

Neighbors said it took three weeks for Mosaic to notify them about the 45-foot-wide hole.

"My heart sank and I got very mad, which is why I’m here," said resident Jessica Broadbent. "I want to be heard, I want everyone to know that this affects them."

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Mosaic officials justified waiting to notify residents because, according to them, groundwater moves very slowly. They’ve assured the public they’ve been able to contain the water that’s seeped in the ground, but many remain skeptical.

"I want them to own up and be accountable," said Broadbent. "I want a plan a detailed plan for what are you going to do."

Some residents are requesting that a third party company, not affiliated with Mosaic, test their water.

"This is the water that we drink, we play in, we live in, this is businesses this is our livelihood," Broadbent said.

Officials with Mosaic continue to test and monitor the water. The EPA and DEP is also keeping an eye on the sinkhole. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Callie Neslund at 813-500-6575.

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