RNC Day 3: Pence, fans and protests at GOP convention

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Florida is well-represented on the primetime speaker list for Day 3 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Gov. Rick Scott started off the night, and Attorney General Pam Bondi follows a few speakers after. Sen. Marco Rubio is also expected to speak via video from here in Florida, where he is campaigning for re-election.

The theme of the third night is "Make America First Again." Scott’s speech emphasized the problems that the Republicans say are evident in today’s America.

“Today, America is in terrible, world-record-high debt. Our economy is not growing. Our jobs are going overseas. We have allowed our military to decay, and we project weakness on the international stage. Washington grows while the rest of America struggles. The Democrats have not led us to a crossroads, they have led us to a cliff,” Scott said.

Scott was one of the first Republican leaders to endorse Trump, and some spoke of him as a possible running mate.

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9:10 p.m.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is telling Republicans who are on the fence about supporting Donald Trump for president that "we can’t wait four more years."

Walker says in a speech to the Republican National Convention that "America deserves better than Hillary Clinton."

Walker – who was one of Trump’s early challengers before dropping out of the race last year – says a vote for a protest vote for a third-party candidate is essentially a vote for Democrat Clinton.

9 p.m.

A state senator from Kentucky switched briefly to Spanish during his speech to the Republican convention and urged voters to back Donald Trump.

Ralph Alvarado says people came to the U.S. from countries that are full of corruption and dishonesty. He’s pleading with Americans not to let that happen in the U.S.

He says in America, there’s opportunity and freedom.

It’s the first time at this convention that a speaker has tried to appeal directly to Spanish-speaking voters.

8:30 p.m.

Businessman Phil Ruffin is describing Donald Trump as an honest broker who can be trusted with the job of running the country.

Ruffin is a Trump business partner. He says he’s known Trump for 20 years and says the GOP presidential nominee is smart and tough.

Ruffin spoke at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. He was trying to undercut claims by people who’ve done business with Trump that Trump fails to pay his bills or underpays his contractors.

Ruffin says Trump pays bills promptly and that nobody lost any money.

Ruffin veered frequently from his script during the speech, and improvised while the teleprompter struggled to keep up.

Trump back in Cleveland

Donald Trump arrived at the GOP Convention via helicopter, landing mid-afternoon Wednesday in Cleveland. He was greeted by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, his choice to be vice president.

Amid the attempts to show Trump as a strong leader, the GOP is also turning the real estate giant into a family man. 

Trump’s wife, Melania and two of his children made speeches so far this week. Eric Trump will continue that tonight.  

His 22-year-old daughter Tiffany Trump called her father a “natural-born encourager” Tuesday while Donald Trump Jr. spoke about how he tackles problems.

And in Melania Trump’s speech, she talked about her husband’s love for America and how he wants to make a “great and lasting difference.”

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s 32-year-old son Eric will deliver a speech that will address why the former reality TV star will be leaving the pampered life for the “gritty work of politics.”

But it’s not just family members who will be speaking on behalf of Trump. Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi are expected to talk Wednesday night, along with former presidential rival Ted Cruz.

Plus, vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is lined up to deliver a speech Wednesday night. Trump is expected to appear on stage with Pence.

Demonstration leads to 17 arrests, 2 officers hurt

A demonstration led to altercations which briefly shut down security at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Police tried to disperse a demonstration outside the event Wednesday that included a flag-burning. Two officers suffered minor injuries.

Police said after the protester lit the flag on fire, he lit himself on fire and others caught fire. Firefighters extinguished the flames.

Cleveland police say 17 protesters were arrested on charges ranging from felonious assault on a police officer to resisting arrest. A total of 22 people have been arrested throughout the entire convention.

Police say the massive media presence is making it difficult for officers to police demonstrations.

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